MAE10302: Scientific Diving - Theoretical course

Scientific Diving - Theoretical course

Scientific diving is a crucial research tool for marine scientists to observe and study biodiversity and functioning of marine or aquatic environments. In this course, you will learn how to design, plan and safely participate in a scientific diving project, as well as get acquainted with traditional and novel methods and tools applied underwater and how to use these Scientific Diving methods to obtain high quality scientific data.

The course consists of two sections: a module on safe dive planning and organisation and a module on methods for scientific diving research.

In the first module you will discover the legal aspects and responsibilities for scientific diving in the Netherlands and the EU. Next, you will get familiar with the safe use of appropriate dive equipment and research tools and with correct diving casualty management. As a final assignment for this module, you will prepare your own dive project evaluating the potential risks for a specific case and formulating the necessary precautionary measures. For the second module you will learn what fields of study apply scientific diving and will be taught the scientific underwater methods to perform specific studies. As a final assignment in this module, you will select the appropriate research methods to tackle a specific case study involving scientific diving.

This course is a preparation to attain a European Scientific Diver Certificate and accounts for the ‘dry’ (theoretical) requirements. It also is important for future project leaders that may not personally apply scientific diving methods but may become responsible for diving scientists. After successful completion of this course, as well as the practical in-water training Scientific Diving, you can apply for the European Scientific Diving Certificate. This internationally recognized certification allows you to safely participate in dive teams in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, the course is beneficial to anyone who wants to lift their diving experience to a higher level and learn how to dive safely and appropriately for scientific research, for example in citizen science. The course is taught by experienced scientists that apply scientific diving in real life and a certified diving instructor.