Welcome to the safeTEA challenges!

This is a place for students who want to contribute to making WUR a better place for everyone, while having fun and earning great rewards!

What is social safety for students?

Social safety refers to ensuring a positive and secure environment for all WUR students, including yourself. We all share the responsibility to create this positive environment. By being here, you have already taken a significant step. Now, let's continue and discover the benefits of fostering a safe space for your friends, colleagues, and fellow WUR students.


Why these challenges?

In the diverse and vibrant multi-cultural environment of WUR, not everyone possesses the same level of understanding regarding social safety. These challenges aim to bridge that gap by raising awareness about this topic and equipping you with the tools to create a safe environment around you. You will explore various aspects of social safety, such as consent, addressing undesired behaviors, microaggressions, internal safety, and more. Isn't it exciting?


We believe that experiential learning, coupled with good company, is the best and most enjoyable way to learn. That's why we have prepared 12 challenges for you, comprising engaging exercises and thought-provoking questions that you can complete alone or with friends. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to participate in "safeTEA evenings," where you can meet new friends and tackle the challenges together.


Start of the challenges

Are you ready? The challenges will commence on September 4th! On that day, you can begin taking on the challenges and earn points. Click here or navigate to the "Challenges" tab on the left to get started.

SafeTEA evenings. Together is better!

Would you like to complete the challenges alongside others and earn bonus points? Join our safeTEA evenings! While enjoying tea and cookies, you will have the chance to meet new people and learn about social safety. All the evenings are free of charge.

Upcoming SafeTEA activities:

  • Thursday, 7 September, Forum Stage, between 12-14hr.