Study Safe @ WUR

Wageningen University & Research has a high level of ambition, not only in the scientific field, but also in terms of good employment practices and due care towards students. It is important for you to be able work and study in safe and healthy conditions. This is a joint responsibility between WUR and the students. It is the University that provides for proper accommodation, furniture and equipment. It is then the students' responsibility to use the accommodation, furniture and equipment responsibly and safely.

CANS/ RSI-prevention

CANS (or RSI as is used to be called) is a name for all complaints in arms, neck and shoulders related to your study. It can be pain, loss of function, a numb feeling or anything else that is not 'normal'. Unfortunately quite some students experience CANS. We don't want you to be one of them, so check our special pages on CANS.

General, Laboratory & Fieldwork Safety

We want that all of our students are well prepared for what's waiting for them, especially when it concerns their health and safety. Therefore WUR offers (mandatory) courses to prepare you for this. What courses are mandatory depends on your study programme or on indvidual courses your choose. The course "General Safety" is mandatory for all new students.

Accidents & incidents

Proper preparation does not mean that nothing can happen. WUR wants to learn from thing that don't go according to plan, so please report (near) accidents and incidents so we can keep WUR a healthy and safe place for everyone.