Welcome to the safeTEA challenges!

This is a place for students who want to make WUR a better place for everyone, while having fun and collecting nice gifts!

NEW! Embody your confident self workshop

8th November 17:30 to 19:00 (scroll down for more information)

What is social safety for students?

Social safety is assuring a positive and safe environment for all WUR students including yourself. We are all responsible to create this positive environment. Firstly, being here in itself is already a big step! Now keep going and you will be surprised by the benefits of creating a safe space for your friends, colleagues, and fellow WUR students.


Why these challenges?

In a diverse and vibrant multi-cultural environment that WUR has, not everyone has the same knowledge around social safety. To bridge the gap, these challenges are aimed at bringing awareness on this topic and providing tools to create a safe environment around you. You will learn about different aspects of social safety like consent, undesired behaviours, microaggressions, internal safety, among others. Isn’t it cool?


We think the best and most enjoyable way of learning is experiential learning, shared with good company, which makes it more fun. We prepared 12 challenges for you with fun exercises and defiant questions to perform alone or with friends. We also offer you the possibility to join the “safeTEA evenings” where you can meet new friends and do the challenges together. 


Start of the challenges

Are you ready? The challenges will start on 5 September! On that day you can start doing challenges and earning points click here or click on the “Challenges” tab on the left.

SafeTEA evenings. Together is better!

Want to do the challenges together and earn bonus points? Join our safeTEA evenings! While drinking tea and cookies, you will meet new people and learn about social safety. All evenings are FREE of costs.

Upcoming SafeTEA evenings:

Embody your confident self workshop. 7th December

During this workshop Anna will be sharing her 5 years experience of Improvisation theatre and public speaking with you. Tips and tricks to speak up and express yourself, in moments you feel great but also when you feel not your best. After this workshop you will be able to: Use your body, tone of voice and own beliefs to experience the freedom to express yourself with confidence.

From 17:30 to 19:00 Room V0031, ground floor FORUM

Register here: https://forms.microsoft.com/e/BWsqCkeYdQ