ZSS06300: Travel Safety

Travel Safety

At WUR we value your safety. Going abroad exposes you to specific risks and thus requires a proper preparation. Even a visit to an apparent safe place introduces you to new risks that you might need to account for. It's specifically important to know where to find help when you're abroad on yourself. In this short course you'll perform a risk assessment of your trip and get feedback on it before the actual start of the trip. After completion you'll know what specific safety measures to take for your trip, have a list of ICE-contacts and are aware of the culture shock that might occur leaving or returning.

Based on the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign affairs the preparation for your trip consists off one or two parts:

Green areas

Online Training (ZSS06300)

Yellow areas

Online Training (ZSS06300) and Student Travel Safety Workshop

Orange areas

Online Training (ZSS06300)

Check the safety risks at Travel Risk Map: